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The annual well woman examination is an important part of every woman’s medical care. It is designed to include an assessment of overall health including physical Mentax No Rx mental wellbeing, to identify risk factors for disease, to provide age appropriate screening tests Mentax No Rx vaccinations, Mentax No Rx to counsel women on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are constantly improvements in technologies Mentax No Rx recommendations of multiple societies that affect the guidelines for the individual components of this visit. Typically this type of examination should begin at a Women’s Health Center in early adolescence when most of the visit is spent in counseling Mentax No Rx reassuring the young patient of changes she will be going through during adolescent years. It is not necessary for an invasive pelvic examination until age 21 at which time cervical cancer screening via pap smear should be initiated. Other important considerations for well woman visits at your Center for Women’s Health should include breast examination Mentax No Rx counseling on breast awareness; menstrual cycles Mentax No Rx any problems including heavy, irregular, or painful periods; contraception Mentax No Rx family planning; assessment of sexual health Mentax No Rx risk for sexually transmitted infections; depression screening; skin health; bladder or bowel dysfunction Mentax No Rx screening; Mentax No Rx menopausal considerations. A well woman examination is the foundation for women’s health Mentax No Rx disease prevention. These visits are designed to promote overall wellbeing Mentax No Rx are tailored to each individual based upon their personal, family Mentax No Rx social histories.